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In the year 2000, AM Health Services Founders’ John and Charlotte Ford began asking many “what ifs”. “What if we built an ‘environment for aging’ that served individuals instead of a corporate interest?” By year 2011, with the completion of Villas at Angel Point, Mr. Ford answered his own “what if” by designing, developing and building Villas at Angel Point and launching AM Prevention Center in 2014.
From left to right: Gayle Young, Lena Richardson, Ruth Hubbard, Charlotte Ford, Natalie Lindon, Christina Butler, Paula Smith-Green
The result is an encouraging health and wellness community; one of the first and most progressive environments of its kind for aging in Louisiana.
In 2017, AM Health Services began the development of it's CYL2 (Change Your Lifestyle. Change Your Life.) Program, powered by the Black Women Health Imperative by building the first CYL2 Center that totally focuses on assisting patients that have been diagnosed with prediabetes, which would allow them an opportunity to turn around their prediabetes diagnosis and the prevention of type 2 diabetes.



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